One-stop service platform for focusing on precision machining of titanium materials
Concentration, professionalism and concentration make processing so simple
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Do you suffer the following confusion when processing parts?

Difficult to distinguish true or fake materials.
Poor machining accuracy
Time-consuming and labor-intensive in communication.
Machining accuracy cannot meet customers requirements, frequently rework, waste time.

Titanium material market is mixed up, scrapRecycled materials are shoddy, material performance and service life cannot be guaranteed.

Machining factory are none uneven, service quality cannot be guaranteed,time-consuming and labor-intensive in communication, and easy to be deceived.  
4   advantages of us, solve the pain points of titanium processing industry.

One-stop service for titanium(alloy) processing,quality of professional achievement


100% material quality

Material certifications will be provided for every order.
100%Service Guarantee

Perfect one-stop service ,time-and-a-half

100%Processing quality

Each step of the processing process is checked at various levels to ensure correct processing

High-quality titanium alloy raw materials, ensure the machining parts long-term stability and reliability of the physical and chemical properties; the national metal inspection center issues authoritative inspection reports to eliminate low-quality raw materials.

7×24 hours response, one-stop service, time-and-a-half;

Perfect pre-sales and after-sales services make processing as easy as shopping.

Professional solution, high-end customizations

A team of engineers with 30 years of work experience, professional, efficient and fast.

Implement the processing plan in strict accordance with the requirements and specifications of the customer's drawings; each batch of machining parts is precisely tested to ensure it is accurate.

We can design special performance and non-standard parts drawings for you, and customize the overall processing technology plan of the product;

Provide process consulting and drawing optimization.
4 Guarantee, worry-free throughout

Material guarantee

High-quality titanium and titanium alloy materials, guaranteed to be made of high-purity titanium sponge.

2 hours quotation for simple parts; 24 hours for complicated parts.

Quick quote

Accurate measurement, strict control;the data is authentic and easy to trace.

Optional platform payment such as Alipay makes transactions more secure.
Quality control
Payment protection

Excellent customers we serve

Continue to cultivate in the titanium processing industry —— grow together with customers

Through dedication and continuous innovation, we strive to provide customers with perfect titanium processing solutions and products

Provide solutions for various industries

Aviation and aerospace industry
Aviation and aerospace industry
Machine tool and reducer industry
Machine tool and reducer industry
Fan and water pump industry
Fan and water pump industry
Steel, petrochemical industry
Steel, petrochemical industry
Electricity and water conservancy
Electricity and water conservancy
Hydraulic industry
Hydraulic industry
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